the world offroad

I had a dream for a long time, to travel around the world.

I wanted to do it on a motorbike or in a car and make it for living writing travel stories on magazines, reporting on radio station and preparing a documentary for TV.

The crazy dream took the shape of a project in 2005.

Thanks to the open minded bosses in my magazine, 4Wheels, I temporarily left my position as deputy editor and stayed at home to prepare the expedition.

In April 2007, after a long period of planning and sponsor agreements, my partner Vula, me and our brand new Land Rover Discovery3 – the so called “karibu” – departed from Greece. After a week we were entering Africa. Our dream was coming true. Our project had a title “TheWorldOffroad” and a  subtitle: “around the earth in 800 days”.

In the end, it took 1177 days to drive 167.500 km. through 67 countries in 5 continents to complete our trip, which proved to be a worthy experience for both of us, even more than we could have thought about.

It was a lifetime adventure that made me believe that I could keep traveling for ever. The world was so familiar, it was like home anywhere. In a way, I still keep traveling and I always work for the next project theworldoffroad2!

Our expedition was a media success in Greece and abroad. In less than 4 years we took more than 150.000 pictures and filmed our life in more than 200 hours. I wrote around 600 printed pages of articles in different magazines. We uploaded around 1000 diary articles on our website

Our videos were shown on most different TV channels in Greece and shown on major channels in India, Tanzania, Australia and Peru. The adventure of two people surviving in the most remote places in the world was inspiring to thousands of people.

After that overdose of adventure we actually never came back. From now on we just keep traveling one way or another.

Useful links:
The World Offroad official website
The World Offroad facebook page
Our youtube channel
My Wix portfolio 

See below a selection of my articles from our The World Offroad expedition:



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