work ethics

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”…

The famous mantra of Confucious is valid to me. I was lucky enough to transform my passion for travel, for cars and motorcycles into a professional career since I was a student. Confucious was so true; I never felt that was a normal work for money or success.

My lifestyle was always related to my profession. I never felt I sacrificed after hours, free weekends or summer vacations. I was living to work, more than working for living. Working hours are recreative time if you love what you do and after hours can be a joy even if you work hard.

Through journalism I met the most inspiring people, drove the best cars and motorcycles, slept in the best hotels and thanks to my job I did a fantastic trip around the world.

I never made serious money, maybe because I never cared about it. Why? Because I was getting paid by doing things that most people would pay a fortune to do.

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