Who is who

I was born in Greece but the world is my home. I have travelled a lot since I was very young. I always loved cars, motorcycles and adventure sports. I love writing and photography. This is my job. I have driven and raced the best cars and bikes in the world. I’ve been lucky to visit the most far away places.

I have reported on radio flying on a helicopter in 1992. I have worked on TV programs. I was lucky to meet inspiring people, F1 drivers, car designers or Olympic medalists. I lived for a year in the jungle, in Africa. I fulfilled my ultimate dream, to travel around the world! I did it with my wife in a Land Rover car, covering 170.000 km. in 67 countries in 1234 days! But still, I have several dreams to go after…

We came back in Europe with my partner Vula and our daughter Anastasia in 2012. We settled in Emilia Romagna, Italy in the mecca of super cars, lambrusco wine and parmiggiano reggiano cheese. I kicked off a new career in Italy writing travel and lifestyle articles for media around the world, got busy as a photographer in motorsport and work in special projects with Maserati’s press office.

Now, in 2018 we depart again for a new life away from Italy, Greece, Europe. We will get back to nomadic lifestyle as we are going to travel again around the world in an expedition Iveco VM90 camper, schooling our daughter and making it for living in the process.

As we like to say, we will explore the world and ourselves. For one more time…